About EarJellies Earplugs

    EarJellies are the Only Earplugs Made of MemorySil®

    MemorySil® is the unique shape-memory silicone. Products made of MemorySil have a permanent shape to which they return when left alone, but they can learn and adapt to new shapes temporarily. EarJellies feel firm if you hit them or squeeze them suddenly because their strong temporary shape-memory fights any sudden changes in shape. If you are patient, however, EarJellies feel exquisitely soft because their temporary shape-memory fades over time and their mild permanent shape-memory only gently coax them toward their permanent shape. Because of MemorySil's amazing dual shape memory, EarJellies are much softer in use than foam earplugs and yet they still seal better.

    EarJellies Always Fit Your Ears Perfectly

    EarJellies learn the shapes of your ear canals every time you wear them, sealing perfectly and providing unparalleled comfort. That learning and relearning means that EarJellies always provide a custom fit, even as your ear canals change shape due to head movement, jaw movement, or other changes in your body. Since EarJellies adapt continuously to your ear canals, they maintain perfect seals much more effectively than fixed-shape or fluid earplugs.

    EarJellies Providing Unparalleled Comfort

      EarJellies cause none of the itching or irritation of foam or rubber earplugs. Because they're made of MemorySil®, EarJellies adapt to whatever they touch right down to the molecular level. That extreme adaptability allows EarJellies to press uniformly against your ear canals to create their seals. There are no "hotspots" where there material pushes too hard and causes particular discomfort. You can see that amazing adaptability by pressing your finger against an EarJellies; it will learn all the details of your fingerprint and display them temporarily!

        EarJellies Provide Excellent Noise Reduction

        EarJellies seal your ear canals perfectly, dramatically reducing the loudness of sound reaching your inner ear. Because sound can travel through your body, no earplug can completely block sound transmission, but an effective earplug tries to eliminate any direct air channel through which sound can travel deep into your ear. By forming a perfect seal inside your ear canal, EarJellies remove that direct air channel and significantly improve noise reduction, particularly at low frequencies.

        EarJellies are Hypoallergenic

        EarJellies are nearly pure silicone and have no unnecessary ingredients or coatings. They contain no fragrances, preservatives, phthalates, or any other known allergins or endocrine disruptors.

        EarJellies are Great for Sleep

        EarJellies fit comfortably into your ear canals, with their bases recessed against the bowls of your ears and their gentle grip holding them in place, They stay in your ears all night with ease and you can barely feel them, even when your ear is pressed against a pillow or mattress. In fact, it's easy to forget you're wearing them, except when you notice how much quieter it sounds. They're great for sleeping in loud environments and with partners who snore.

        EarJellies are Amazing for Swimming

        EarJellies seal your ear canals perfectly and provide a gentle grip that holds them in place. They won't fall out or let water in. As you move your head and jaw during swimming, changing the shapes of your ear canals, the EarJellies will adapt to follow those shape changes and maintain their seals. Water-immersion will cause their temporary shape-memory to fade faster, making them feel a little softer and return toward their bulb-on-base shapes a little faster, but they'll return to normal after drying.

        EarJellies Don't Distort Sound

        EarJellies reduce the loudness of all sound frequencies almost equally. That means that you can carry on a conversation or listen to music without the distortion common in other earplugs; the only significant difference in what you hear is that the sound volume is significantly reduced.

        Can be Rinsed and Reused Many Time

        Despite their softness, EarJellies are surprisingly sturdy and you can reuse them many times. They can be rinsed clean and set out on their bases to dry. Check them frequently for cuts, tears, and other defects and discard them if you find any flaws. 3 pairs may last up to a year.

        Made in the USA

        EarJellies are proudly produced in Charlottesville, Virginia.